Dickens Tea is a collaboration of new and old, research and experience. We have an event to share our main costuming expressions of the Victorian Era but we are in no means limited to that time period.  The blog will showcase what we do across the vast timeline of history for clients and ourselves.

Our in-house authors:



A little about the Hosts and Authors


Cheryl Adams Palmer

After a career in the oil industry (which included event planning for world class executives), Cheryl changed focus and began designing and making historical costumes. After a few years, it seemed that some more events were needed in order to wear these costumes. Cheryl (in conjunction with friends) has hosted various events, including a 100th anniversary of the Titanic voyage, and a post-Ascot soiree in London. She looks forward to many more events of all different types!


Whitney Wiggs

After becoming interested at an early age in all Fiber Arts and having friends and family encourage the pursuits, Whitney quickly went from cross stitch to hand embroidery. Having a talent for sizing patterns on the body and showing others how they can create things for themselves has lead to some fun adventures that span the expansive eras of our past. Whitney will be the primary blogger sharing her many adventures.